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Vinyl Records Collector provides quite a massive amount of information covering the history of vinyl ranging from Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph to the gramophone and then to the jukebox that will bring back memories of the vinyl 78rpm the 31/3 rpm and the 45rpm records, if you are a lover of the vinyl recording format and enjoy record albums/LPs or vinyl records! Also covered is an extensive catalogue of vinyl online record stores from areas of around the world! Places such as  Unite States of America, Australia,  Brazil and Europe that is essential for the enthusiastic record collector who wants a selection of various genre of music, sounds and lyrics!

We take a close look at the technology that were used in the past that led to the discovery of the Compact Disc (CD). Give you in-depth portrayal of the real difference between the vinyl records and the CDs? They say facts are stranger than fiction, but as you travel through the pages of this site you will come across secrets and truths that will be disclosed before your very eyes! Inventors,  record producers, record labels and the many types of music! Find it all in the The History of  the Vinyl Feature Contents! Information that is Inspiring and educational, for record collectors connoisseurs and for all those people seeking knowledge on how to buy vinyl records for their enjoyment pleasures!


Coxsone Studio One Disco Mix

* Salsoul was the first Recording Studio produced a commercial 12inch 45rpm vinyl record back in early1976. Disco mix song entitled "Ten Percent" that was recorded by the Double Exposure vocal group and was released on the Salsoul Record label. Mid 1970 former founder of studio one recording studios Clement "Coxsone" Dodd was indeed a rather clever record producer. Dodd would mix and blend old 1960s music sounds with a touch of even older mento folks music onto vinyl 12inch 45rpm disc. Coxsone created disco mix  sounds was highly effective and appealing to dancehall ravers. In the dancehalls there was no letting up for the Deejays on the turntable as dance ravers constantly requested repeat play of Coxsone musical disco mixes. Coxsone studio one versions of the disco mix sounds became the dominant music force in dancehalls everywhere during the 70s and 80s in Kingston, Jamaica W.I.


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