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Thomas Alva Edison's Tinfoil Phonograph

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History of The Vinyl: part 2

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Ah, yes the Thomas Edison's tinfoil and wax cylindral phonograph! Thomas Alva Edison maybe famous for the electric light bulb, but his real baby was the phonograph; "it became his most cherished invention of the many inventions that he had invented." Indeed, Thomas Edison was a passionately productive inventor who patented more than 1000 of his inventions which is believed to have profoundly influenced the modern world!

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Picture of the AmericanThomas Edison Inventor of the phonograph 1877


It has been said that Edison alone single-handedly shaped the 20th century. Never mind about that, it is believe his influence has a powerful effect on the 21st century also some of his inventions are used in modern day telephone! Thomas Alva Edison just simply proliferated in his inventions a true genius of his time and an inspiration to all who knew him. Thomas Alva Edison did not let failure stand in his way regarding his inventions!


The Genius of Thomas Edison

He would look upon mistakes and failures as his teachers and masters as he stated: "I have not failed, I've discovered ten thousand ways which does not work! Thomas Edison was quite different from other scientists, he had the capability to take ideas and turn them into practical results. Thomas Edison is on record he is quoted as saying: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." One gets the belief, that  Thomas Edison got his 99% perspiration due to his long hours of hard work!


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History of the Vinyl

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