Back to basics for vinyl records


We live in the 21st century where the internet has changed the way we consume music. The songs have become effectively available and with a few clicks you can listen to your favorite tunes according to your mood.

Yes, we have the benefits of the Internet, but at the cost of declining appreciation and demand for physical albums. The internet has robbed us of physical formats like CDs, vinyl records and cassettes. It was something that people used to relate to.

The Nielsen Music 2017 US Music Year-End report states that over 14 million vinyl records were sold in the United States in 2017. Given the innovative advancements in the music industry, vinyl should have been phased out ago. some time. However, the music industry is witnessing the comeback of vinyl records as vinyl sales have grown steadily over the past few years.

Old school people are still fascinated by vinyl records and this ancient form of music consumption, which led to this recovery of vinyl records. The question arises that with the availability of digital streaming, why are these countless individuals charmed by traditional records?

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While we have endless music at our fingertips thanks to digital streaming, vinyl is a real medium to meet music, something tangible to hold and own. Of course, the subscription features of streaming platforms provide extraordinary access and convenience, but something is lost, ownership.

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Vinyl records are something you can collect and hold in your hands that may strike you with nostalgia if you’ve been a part of the vinyl era. Vinyl records are real items that can be shown, given, shared, traded and through the ages and that’s what makes them so special.

According to the record industry research site MusicWatch, nearly half of current buyers are under the age of 25. Millennials are masters of going retro and reviving old trends.

We live in the 21st century where people spend hours in front of screens. Streaming features give us access to the music we love, when we want it. However, many people believe that streaming music cannot compete with genuine music discs. For them, recording a record and paying attention to it from start to finish is deeper and more meaningful.

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Bluetooth headphones and speakers have become staple these days, but there are still vinyl enthusiasts who spend time and money on dedicated setups in their homes. While listening to music on vinyl, you can’t just press or touch a button to start, stop, or pause; you must stay near the turntable to move the needle and turn the record over. Many people believe that the old-fashioned analog audio provided by vinyl sounds is better than digital audio.

Vinyl records are making a comeback and the vinyl revival is well underway. In this digital world, one of the best things to experience in the 21st century is our ability to retain the feel of both eras – easy access to streaming music and the timeless appeal of tangible physical recordings.


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