Best vinyl record frames: how to display and hang LP records on the wall


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You’ve traveled the world in search of the coolest records and kept them in pristine condition; why shouldn’t you display your favorites with pride instead of keeping them on a shelf all the time?

The best recording frames and displays come in many varieties, ranging from photo frame style holders to holders that allow you to frequently change the album you are presenting. The latter is ideal if you want to display the LP you are playing at the time to add ambiance to the experience.

There are also designs that allow you to mount your favorite 12 inch on your wall more permanently, so you can relive that time you met Zooey Deschanel and Mr Ward and got them to sign a copy of the debut album She. & Him, for example, or to commemorate a favorite concert you attended.

If you plan to wall mount your drives, make sure you have the right tools, or at least a stud finder or a good screwdriver. If you plan to play these vinyl records again, you should also make sure to keep them in a place away from direct sunlight or heat, which could affect the playability of the record.

Whether you’re looking for simple decor ideas or trying a new way to organize your records, keeping your favorite records on display is another way to express your love of music. Here are six ways to do it.

1. MÖNKE vinyl record wall mount

Once you’ve put a record on your turntable, it can be difficult to know where to put the cover art. The MÖNKE wooden wall rack can hold a record (a single or double album), or a few 7 inch singles side by side. The pine stand has a groove that holds the drive in place and allows it to rest against a wall.


To install the frame, screw the supplied screws into your wall and slide the bracket over it; a pair of keyholes on the back of the bracket lock the screws in place. Alternatively, if your turntable is on a shelf against the wall, you can simply place the MÖNKE bracket next to it. Your disc will stay in place and rest against the wall in the same way as if the bracket were screwed into your wall.

To buy:
MÖNKE vinyl record wall mount
$ 15.95

2. Collector mount Vinyl record frame

Wall frame for manifold mounting


The Collector Mount vinyl record frame was designed to give your framed albums a hanging 3D look. The frame is made of two plastic pieces, which you can expand or shrink to fit the type of album you are framing – full-size vinyls and 10-inch records will work best.

Once they are secured, you can nail or screw the bracket into your wall (screws and nails are not included) and slide the LP into the frame. Alternatively, you can attach the two mounting pieces back to back to create a stand, which can be placed next to your record player.

The suspended and pop-up appearance of the discs when mounted is really eye-catching. The plastic pieces that hold the top and bottom are barely visible, so they’ll look like they’re floating if you don’t look closely.

To buy:
Collector’s Mount Vinyl Record Frame
$ 7.99

3. MCS Deluxe Recording Album Frame

MCS Registration Framework


Permanently framed records can be a focal point of your room and the perfect way to display autographed or incredibly rare vinyls. MCS Deluxe Recording Frame is 25 inches wide and 16.5 inches high; this is enough to display a 12 inch LP and its illustrations. The frame is double mat, so the white background will bring out the colors of your album cover, while the thin black line around the cover and album will give it definition.

There is no trick to hanging this frame, all you have to do is hammer a few nails into your wall and place the frame clamps on top.

To buy:
MCS Deluxe recording frame
$ 27.50

4. Gatefold album frame

Gatefold album frame


One of the most common reasons to frame records is to display large album art. This is doubly true when they have a large opening pouch, like the Beatles’ one. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club group. Frame My Collection’s gatefold frame is 12.5 inches wide and 25 inches long, so it can perfectly fit an unfolded pouch. The black border is 3/4 inch thick and will provide some contrast to the brightly colored album covers.

The frame has hangers that allow you to hang it horizontally Where vertically, in case the album you want to frame has a portrait design. Like the MCS frame, there is no fancy way to set up this frame – select your location, hammer in a few nails, and hang it up.

To buy:
Frame My Collection Gatefold Album Frame
$ 55.99

5. Vinyl record display

Save props


Most of the recording frames we’ve recommended so far have been tailor-made to showcase 12-inch vinyl records, but what about singles? Or EPs? If you want to display selections from every part of your record collection, Record Props is the best option.

Record props says the X-shaped bracket can be installed in under 10 minutes, but mounting it requires a little more effort. A smaller X-shaped wall bracket should be screwed into your wall and secured; the larger X-shaped pieces then snap onto it and snap into place when turned.

Once attached, your album cover is held in place by a groove above the X; your disc hangs on top of a small stump protruding from the middle of the holder, which fits into its spindle hole.

When everything is put together, your album cover art and the record itself are both on display. The vinyl blocks the medium, so your music feels completely suspended in the air. While both are secure, you can easily remove the album and cover art from the shelf and change them without having to disassemble any part of the frame. As an added bonus, Record Prop’s frame can also be set to the side and hold your record straight between one of its two grooves – you can see this on the PHOX album in the photo above.

To buy:
Vinyl record display
$ 22.00

6. KAIU registration framework

KAIU registration framework


When you frame recordings, you usually have to make a choice between making them easily accessible and protecting them. The frames we recommended by MÖNKE and Record Props are great examples of the first kind – you can swap out your records, but if someone accidentally spills the record, it can be ruined. The frames we recommended by MCS and Frame My Collection are good examples of the second group – your vinyl is completely protected, but stuck behind glass, so you probably won’t get a chance to play it.

KAIU’s frame follows a delicate line and offers both protection and accessibility. The frame is pre-assembled and has a front door that is held closed by a magnetic latch. When your drive is inside the frame, it is completely protected from liquids and will not fall if someone accidentally hits the wall. But, when you want to change the record, you can open the magnetic door and swap one LP for another. It’s a happy medium if you want your LPs to blend in with the framed photos and artwork next to them on the wall, but want the freedom to change them out at any time.

To buy:
KAIU vinyl record frame
$ 25.00


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