Climate change is literally melting vinyl records


Recent ultra-hot weather has caused vinyl records to warp during shipment to record stores and consumers. Casting is particularly tough on independent labels who have limited resources to order additional copies.

Independent label Joyful Noise added a sticker to their shipped vinyl wraps that read:


Who pays to replace melted vinyl causes friction between labels and fans. Is it the label or the company delivering the package?

Hello Merch, which handles processing for many independent artists and labels, added this to its terms of service:

“Please note that we do NOT issue refunds or replacements for damage due to extreme weather conditions, minor cosmetic damage, such as corners, elbows, split inserts, etc.”

Independent label Ba Da Bing emailed customers regarding the issue and offering two options designed to reduce the risk of damaged vinyl, according to Fork:

“We may delay your shipment. If you write to us to let us know that you want your shipment to be held until the heatwave is over for good, simply reply to this email. Then when things get a little cooler in your area, let us know you’re ready to receive and we’ll send your copy to you.


We send our files by media mail, which can take up to two weeks to arrive. We do this because it’s much cheaper to ship and we don’t have to charge you that much. However, we would be happy to upgrade your shipping from Standard Mail to Priority Mail. This would require you to send us a little extra money to cover the increased shipping cost – it could be up to $ 8 more depending on where you live in the country.

“Let us know and we can tell you the cost. “

Here is a solution so that at least all that melted vinyl does not end up in the landfill.


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