Debbie Gibson is going to buy vinyl records


Ms. Gibson has never really given up on her roots, her style or her taste in music, which she describes as “newstalgic”, that is to say nostalgic, but turned towards the future. In that vein, she picked up a Phil Spector Christmas album and then returned to pop, picking up the Bonzie album along the way. In pop, she found Kylie Minogue’s “Disco” album.

“It’s the fun prize,” she said. “I still feel like Kylie is my long lost sister.”

A seven-incher from a band called Habibi caught her eye, and she asked an employee in a burnt orange jumpsuit about the single. “Really psychedelic,” said employee Lauren Jefferson. “Do you want to hear it?” Mrs. Gibson did.

She also took the seven-inch, plus an iron-on patch with a photo of a van and a caption that read “Sun Vacation.”

She thought about adding a hand-knitted pink sweater, but was unsuccessful when Mrs. Jefferson told her the price ($310). “It’s an investment for a novelty sweater,” Ms. Gibson said. And she turned down a set of remastered Billy Joel albums because they seemed like a lot to carry on the plane. Moreover, she already had all the originals.

Before paying, she asked the store manager if Rough Trade carried any of her records. She hadn’t seen them in the pop section. “Are they still actively printed? asked George Flanagan. They weren’t. But a vinyl number from “The Body Remembers,” his tenth studio album released last year, was due out on January 21.

“Come back,” Mr. Flanagan said. “Sign some copies.”

“That would be fun,” she said.


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