Discover punk and reggae with the opening of a second-hand vinyl store in Leighton Buzzard this Friday


GAZZA Records will invite customers to listen to the cool crackle of vinyl starting Friday, February 7, when the new store opens in Bell Alley.

The company specializes in punk and reggae, but will also sell vinyl records from the 50s to 90s, satisfying the ears of many musical customers.

Gary Ison, owner and owner, said, “The USP of the store is that it’s pretty rough and dirty, a place people can come and dig – we call them ‘box diggers’.

Visit Gazza Records for records, singles, memorabilia and free coffee.

“It’s an environment where people can come in and relax without pressure. Other record stores are a little more formalized.

“It has always been one of my interests and an ambition since I stopped working.

“I found myself in a corporate life, but from the age of 16, I was in groups and I still dive into them now. I also promote punk from the early days of the first generation.

Gary himself rubbed shoulders with music stars and taught Madness member Mark Bedford how to play guitar when they were both ambitious teenagers living in London.

During this time, in his heyday playing in bands, Gary supported the 999 punk rockers on tour, and before entering the world of advertising, he spent time as a writer for Sounds magazine.

Gary said: “Music makes me feel young again and I can reflect on my youth.

“If anyone wants to know more, they can come and have a free cup of coffee and I’ll play them stuff.”

“I know a lot about the subject if people are interested in knowing more about bands and different genres.

“People can also come and see us if they want to sell their records.

Gary, who lives near Pitstone, also wanted to thank his brother Terry, who buys and sources vinyl records in London – and it’s becoming a race against time.

Gary added, “The value of punk records is incredible. They are scarce.

“The people involved over time die and either their belongings disappear with them or they are sold. The original material is becoming very valuable now.

Open: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes Tuesdays. Facebook: Gazza Records


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