Flamenco music benefits from the revival of vinyl records


When a song comes to mind, we usually go to YouTube or Spotify to listen to it. Streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume music and have made it very difficult for traditional record labels to make a profit, especially those dedicated to underground genres and artists.

Beyond the success of the digital market, vinyls reminiscent of old times are once again on the rise. After the market collapsed due to the closure of stores during the pandemic, there was a 39.6% growth in sales of physical discs, according to the organization Music Producers of Spain (Promusicae). Forty-three percent of those sales were vinyl records, with around 10.7 million euros ($12.1 million) in revenue.

In an effort to save the great myths of flamenco, the label Flamenco en vinilo (Flamenco on vinyl) was born in Spain. Its sole purpose is to recover flamenco treasures that have never been released on vinyl. The label started in 2021 with Este Soy Yo de Capullo de Jerez, a singer who continues to delight fans with pure and festive sounds.

Shortly after, the second album was released and was Entre Vareta y Canasta, the second LP by Diego El Cigala, one of the most international artists produced by the Spanish flamenco factory.

The revival is happening despite the tough times the industry is facing. At a time when saturation due to high demand is enormous, the price of raw materials is constantly rising and the average citizen is struggling to make ends meet, collectors and vinyl lovers are living a business without profits. remarkable, but of great sentimental value.

In the case of Flamenco en vinilo, the label has opted for a delicate treatment of the sound to be able to reproduce an exquisite version on vinyl to appreciate all the nuances of flamenco art and its productions elaborated in the studio, which become visceral and risky on stage. . In flamenco there is no second take, only passion and heart.

These days, the label is still working on their next album releases, which will soon be announced on their social media.

The label has opted for distribution both in Spain and internationally, so its records can be purchased on several online platforms and in stores around the world.


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