Here’s where to find vinyl records in Colombia | Booming city


There are more options in Colombia for upgrading a record collection than you might think. Record stores are an obvious choice, but here are some other places that sell vinyl records.

music stores

Record stores include Hitt Records10 Hitt Street, and The B side — behind Bluescentric — at 1122 Wilkes Blvd..

Both offer new and used records, including rock ‘n’ roll, soul and blues. Hitt Records also offers R&B, country, rap, pop and classical.

lazy, 1010 E. Broadway, sells a wide selection of genres. The majority are in use, with some new recordings available.

vintage stock, 2300 Bernadette Drive, features more niche rock and punk records, most of them used.

Thrift stores

MERS business, 1405 Grindstone Drive, The Salvation Army thrift store, 23 E. Walnut St. and The wardrobe715 Park Ave. all feature small sections of given discs.

Records are often quite used, but classics can hide in the pile.

Department stores

Target2400 Bernadette Drive, sells new records, including today’s popular favorites – Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, for example – in addition to classic Fleetwood Mac and Beatles hits.

best buy, 2001 W. Worley St., offers a wide selection. Artists include The Doors, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Dr. Dre, Travis Scott, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones and more.

Pawn shop

family pawn2416 Paris Road, buys and sells records, also in a wide range of genres.


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