Interested in getting into vinyl records? Here’s how to start your journey


Get your gear

First of all, you will need some materials. There are two types of setups that we recommend at Ragged Records: one – a traditional setup with a preamp, a turntable and speakers or a simplified version with a turntable and speakers.

Configuration n ° 1

Turntable + Pre-amp + Speakers

An amplifier, or receiver, is used to amplify the sound from your turntable to your speakers. Your amplifier must include a tuner for AM / FM stereo and a phono input. The good thing about setups with a preamp is not only that you can plug your turntable into it, but that they also have auxiliary outputs. This means you can plug in a cassette player, CD player, and aux cable to hook up your phone for Spotify, aka the ultimate vibration machine.

The amp is the source of your power. The turntable plugs into your amp and the speakers plug into the amp and then you’re ready to rock!

Configuration # 2

Turntable + speakers

If you are not interested in an elaborate setup or used equipment, we also offer turntables with preamps already integrated into the system. This means that you don’t need a separate preamp and can connect your speakers directly to your turntable. Usually these setups also include Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream online.

Pro tip

We do not recommend all-in-one turntables. They get the job done, but are not of great quality. The better your equipment, the better the sound and playback of your disc.


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