“Literally, who made this up”


How does vinyl actually work?

For music fans born after the 1980s – and even some born before – the process can seem quite mysterious. But a 25-year-old record collector is going viral on TikTok for breaking it down.

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The TikToker, named Hamza (@squish.records), posted the video at the end of March. It has since garnered nearly 2 million views and thousands of stunned commenters.

The clip features several close-up shots of a record player as Hamza explains the process.

“As the needle travels through the grooves of a record, it creates vibrations that are converted into electromagnetic signals,” he says. “This is amplified to create the music we hear when we play a record.”

Hamza goes on to explain how different records can create the very different sounds we hear when played.

“The grooves on a record are extremely precise,” he says. “Each change or variation in the groove produces a different sound.”

Basically, the needle of a record player “reads” this information and converts it into sound waves, which we hear as music.

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To show how this information can vary, Hamza adds that one side of a disc can contain over 1,500 feet of grooves.

TikTok has long been a place where vinyl lovers share their knowledge and passion. In recent years, collectors have used the app to tout their favorite records and rarest finds.

While many TikTokers were grateful for the explanation, some were left in the dark.

“Still so confused,” wrote one user.

“Literally who made this up,” added another.

“No matter how many times I’ve explained this I’ll still never understand lol,” wrote another.

“I refuse to believe they found this before just offering Spotify,” said another.

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