Original soundtracks of Silent Hill 3 and 4 released on vinyl records


The haunting soundtrack of Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4 becomes available for purchase, complete with funky vinyl records and awesome artwork.

Silent Hill 3 screenshot showing Heather being approached from behind by Douglas Cartland.

The silent Hill the games are known for their tense atmospheres, horrific inhabitants, and storylines that offer a dose of psychological discomfort that bothers the player. But the series is much more than that. While Konami recently announced Silent Hill 2 Hoodies, what many often remember from games, aside from the gruesome visuals, is the music. Now a new announcement says fans will be able to own the soundtrack for the third and fourth games, and all on some pretty cool vinyl.

Vinyls for both silent Hill the soundtrack was provided by Mondo Music, which specializes in limited-time records. Posting on the site a few days ago, the company showed off the images of each vinyl, which are accompanied by impressive, but also terrifying cover art illustrations. The two SH3 and SH4: The bedroom come in duplicate vinyl purchase, priced at $ 35. According to the site, they will be available for purchase today at noon CST.

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For those who do not know, the beautiful haunting music that is often associated with the silent Hill games was composed by Akira Yamaoka. Mondo Music describes his work on Silent Hill 3 like a “dichotomy” of tones, which combines an element of calm and beauty, with terror, while the music for Bedroom is described as “amazing and reliably dynamic”. Given his talent and notoriety, it is only fitting that Yamaoka was hired to work on The way Last year. His expertise in composition is clearly sought after.

Artwork from the soundtrack of Silent Hill 3 showing Heather against a chain link fence.

Not surprisingly, there have been other SH soundtracks in the past. Earlier this year, Mondo Music reprinted vinyl records for the Silent Hill 1 and 2 soundtracks, as well as making reprints for The last of us. Music in games can produce a wonderful effect that complements the visuals and gameplay. Despite the horror aspects that make up the silent Hill games, the atmosphere would not be for nothing or for the score of Yamaoka, so it is likely that these new vinyls will be popular among the fans.

Work from the soundtrack of Silent Hill 4: The Room showing a man burning.

Of course, when we talk about silent Hill games, what naturally comes to people’s minds is locating a potential new game in the series, or maybe a reboot. With the next Abandoned being involved in a conspiracy that made people believe it was in fact news SH game, horror gamers are on their toes right now and while the new merch coming out may be a hint that something else is in the works, there’s unlikely to be a new installment anytime soon, Unfortunately.

The Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Bedroom soundtracks are available on vinyl starting today.

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Source: Mondo Music

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