PBS 106.7FM Auctions Hundreds of Collectible Vinyl Records and CDs


PBS has a 42 year history of supporting diverse and underrepresented music in Melbourne and has amassed an incredible collection of music. After 20 years of being based in Easey St, the team recently moved to Collingwood Yards Road.

The new station is a bit smaller though, and after 20 years on Easey Street the team had collected a lot of music. Additionally, a combination of advertisers using their own record collections and preferring to use digital formats meant that the PBS collection remained largely in unplayed, untouched shelves.

We knew we didn’t want these files going to the dump; we wanted to give this music the opportunity to be passed on to other music lovers” notes Meg Butler, Marketing Manager at PBS. “We decided that the best option was for us to auction the items. So we worked with Melbourne-based Abbeys Auctions to set up an online auction of records and CDs.”.

Most of what is auctioned is music that is now available in digital format, but collectors will be delighted to see some of the first pressings and rare releases that are in this auction. Vinyls and CDs are estimated to number in the thousands and a lucky few can pick up a record display shelf, a kitchen table with 4 chairs and other items that were no longer needed at PBS when they have moved.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the PBS Make It Home fundraiser, which will help pay for the building and outfit the new station. So not only does this auction provide an opportunity to give these records a second life, but it also helps PBS stay on the air and sustainable well into the future.

As a PBS and music lover himself, Matthew Fiedorowicz, auction manager at Abbeys, was thrilled with the task of working through the thousands of records and CDs to organize an online auction. “While there are a few gems to be found among the thousands of records, I think collectors will be particularly excited about the CDs. There are loads of demos and rare builds that you’ll be hard pressed to track down.

The PBS 106.7 Record and CD Auction will be online for viewing and bidding beginning Wednesday, May 18and 2022, the auction starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday 29h May 2022. Items can be viewed in person Thursdays 9am-5pm at Abbeys Auctions, 80 – 86 Highbury Road, Burwood. More details here: https://abbeysauctions.com.au/auction/records-hi-fi-auction/

About PBS

Since 1979, community broadcaster PBS 106.7FM has been an integral part of Melbourne’s diverse music community – with over 80 specialty music programs ranging from soul and garage to country and jazz – PBS is dedicated to nurturing, inspiring and advocate for Melbourne’s diverse music community.


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