Show off your records with the Gramovox vertical vinyl player


Floating disc rocks your music world 90 degrees

Hey! Your record will fall!

No, it isn’t, buddy. While I appreciate your concern for my 7 inch vintage white vinyl pressing essay of Wham’s seminal “Club Tropicana”, it’s clear to me that you haven’t looked properly. Because it is a record player intended to play vertical discs.

That’s crazy

Again, no, this is not the case. Foolish would be to make a turntable that plays records backwards (hey, no stealing our ideas, Gramovox!). Or the one who just played “What’s Your Flava?” by Craig David. whatever recording you put on it. The Floating Record is simply a slightly different take on the idea of ​​an all-in-one turntable, which flips the record 90 degrees to create the aesthetic effect of it “floating”.

How does it not fall? And won’t the needle slip or scratch my jealously curated collection of smart drum ‘n’ base dub plates due to the effects of gravity?

A clamp keeps records in place on the platter, while the tone arm is specially designed so that it doesn’t slide radially. Made of carbon fiber and balanced around its main pivot axis, its tracking force is dynamically applied by a spring, which keeps the needle in the groove – even with warped discs, the manufacturers say.

Speaking of manufacturers, Gramovox sounds familiar …

Yes, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name before. The Chicago-based startup produced one of the most eye-catching Bluetooth speakers of all time in 2013: a gramophone-inspired horn blending 1920s style with all the bells and whistles you expect from a speaker. modern office. This is the next step, and it seems likely to appeal to the same kind of music fan – someone who likes their tracks delivered in a slightly fake way (not literally fake of course, as that would be really contrary -productive) .

Do I have to plug it into an external hi-fi system?

Not at all (although you can if you want). It is an all-in-one system with a 15W amplifier per channel and a few built-in full-range speakers. There is a headphone jack if you want to put on your favorite pair of ear glasses and vibrate privately to a bit of Val Doonican too.

This reference from Val Doonican sealed it. How do I get one?

The Floating Record is seeking funding through Kickstarter as of today. The pledge of US $ 329 (if you’re early) or $ 349 (anytime during the campaign) is enough to secure your own player, but you’ll need to add an additional $ 95 to ship it to the UK. Deliveries are scheduled for December 2015.


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