Spalding Civic Society calls for action on ‘garish’ vinyl storefronts over Poundland’s demand


Calls have been made to tackle the “garish” storefronts of vinyl stores that are “destroying” the historic downtown area.

The Spalding Civic Society has spoken out against blackened shop windows following a claim filed by Poundland.

The national retailer has asked the South Holland District Council to put up new signage on the former B&M store at Winsover Center.

A “Leave it” sign has been installed outside the Winsover Center in Spalding. (49006735)

The company, which aims to tackle damaging town planning applications and promote city viability, says vinyls do not encourage buyers.

President John Bland said the city was ravaged by vinyl film that had obscured store windows for years.

He called on the district council to review some of its planning rules and regulations and believes store owners should play their part as well.

Mr Bland said: “We believe vinyl siding is detrimental to the appearance of the city.

“Window displays can definitely change to generate interest and a little vinyl stuck there that long doesn’t do anything for the city.

“So many sites have blank sleazy coverings that don’t match the city and we would like to see an improvement in the appearance of some of our stores.

“I hope Poundland can be persuaded to set an example for others in the region to follow.”

Mr Bland said the company has been campaigning for several years to combat vinyl store siding.

Members achieved a partial victory in 2019 when the local South East Lincolnshire Plan passed a provision that vinyl siding should be banned.

The company had also worked with Hughes Electrical at Sheep Market on their vinyl siding which incorporated historic images of the city.

But Mr Bland said there is a slice of stores in town that keep pristine vinyl siding.

Mr Bland said: “It must affect the city traffic. If you can’t see what’s inside, what’s the incentive to enter?

“Some vinyls are quite garish.

“If those records were in Stamford it would create an uproar. Spalding has some interesting buildings.


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