Swizz Beatz becomes co-partner and co-owner of Vinyl Music Company 12On12


(CelebrityAccess) – Swizz Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, is now co-partner/co-owner of high-end luxury vinyl brand 12On12, as reported. Music week. The Grammy-winning solo artist, creative director, brand promoter, fashion designer, owner of Verzuz, and Harvard Business School graduate continues to expand her portfolio.

12On12 invites cultural figures to select 12 songs that have influenced their lives and collaborate with sought-after brands and visual artists to produce limited edition vinyl. To date, the company has collaborated with Run-DMC, Travis Scott and Dita Von Teese for limited edition vinyl releases. Swizz has also created his own exclusive 12″ vinyl compilation exploring his love of jazz.

After Swizz’s Long Live Jazz set, 12On12 is already looking ahead and wants to hear from other artists who would be interested in joining them and creating their releases.

“We have three in the pipeline – in the past we’ve done about one a year because we’ve been very specific in making sure the collaborations are exactly what we want, and we always maintain that,” explained founder and head designer Claudia Moross at Music week. “I have programmed the capacity of the press plant for three passes, so I hope that all of this will come true. We love working with people who are either established giants or up-and-coming talents. I wish the music industry would send me people they think are the next big thing. If we think someone is worth working with, I would like to pursue them.

Moross has previously praised the energy and insight Swizz Beatz has brought to the company so far.

“His business acumen is amazing,” she said music week. “He is very competent and clear in his ideas, and his energy is simply contagious. Every time we talk he has another idea for the current business. He’s been an entrepreneur in everything he’s done with Verzuz, and he has some amazing ideas for how we can move the business forward. He helps us in many ways.


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