The 8 Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records Online in 2022


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As much as you might think, vinyl records aren’t just for your grandparents anymore. The once considered dinosaur way of listening to music that we started abandoning for CD players and iPod Nanos is becoming more popular than ever. So much so that one in three albums sold in the United States in 2021 was a vinyl record, according to MRC Data.

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It wasn’t just last year either. Since 2011, the world has seen astronomical growth in vinyl sales, going from just 1.7% of physical music sales to 50.4% in just ten years. That makes it official, top vinyl records have single-handedly become the most popular physical music format, beating CDs for the first time since 1991, reports MRC. Vinyl records are officially back and better than ever and this time they’re not going anywhere.

For the past two years, SPY has included the best record players in its annual Christmas gift guide. Why? Because vinyl record players are a great gift for any music lover, whether old, young, or anywhere in between. Adding to a record collection can become extremely rewarding and sometimes your collection can become a lot more money down the road.

But, for any new or old record player owner, some people might wonder in this digital world, where exactly are the best places to buy vinyl records online?

Where to find vinyl records online

Of course, supporting your local record store should be the top priority, but the truth is this: most of the time, vinyl records are much more affordable when purchased online. Additionally, some of the best places to buy vinyl records online have a number of exclusive, limited LPs that may consist of specialty album covers or colored records that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Plus, the best places to buy vinyl records online will almost always have the record you’re looking for. Not for nothing, but the same can’t be said when shopping at your local record store. Anything you might be looking for that is hyper-specific will have 100% up in line.

But where exactly? Read on and find our best spots to buy vinyl records online below.

1. Amazon

As the greatest evidence in the world, you can absolutely buy a number of popular vinyl records on Amazon. And, the best part about it is that those discs will be in your house in no time thanks to Prime. When purchasing, keep in mind that the majority of records available on Amazon will be all-black LPs unless otherwise specified. You won’t have much luck finding Amazon-specific exclusives, but they’ll likely have everything you’re looking for.

Amazon records

Amazon records

Buy: Vinyl Records on Amazon Prices vary

2. Gross trade

Rough Trade is a UK-based in-person and online record store dedicated to bringing must-have LPs to people around the world. Rough Trade’s vast catalog of LPs ranges from online-only exclusives purchasable on artists’ websites when they’re on sale at Rough Trade, all-black LPs, and even Routh Trade exclusives you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The store is also a record label for a number of today’s popular artists, including Sufjan Stevens and Princess Nokia, to name a few.

Gross Trade

Gross Trade

Buy: Rough Trade Vinyl Records Prices vary

3. Urban Outfitters

As someone who has purchased vinyl records from Urban Outfitters over the past few years, I have to say that Urban Outfitters started out with a bad reputation when it came to their records. In the beginning, UO created exclusive candy-colored pressings that toddlers (like me, at the time) would love. But, putting them on a record player, they would sound like…well…shit. I don’t know what they’ve done, but in recent years Urban Outfitters have stepped up their game tremendously. most popular today, which is so exciting to have in a vinyl format.

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Records

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Records

Buy: Vinyl Records at Urban Outfitters Prices Vary

4. Target

Are you shocked? Do not be. One thing we can promise you is that in your local target there is a section for vinyl records. It may be small, but it’s there. Target’s vinyl record selection is much wider online than it is in person, which is why we consider it one of the best places to buy vinyl records online. The options are seemingly endless here, and Target even makes fun exclusive records with colorful LPs and unique album covers that you don’t usually see at major retailers.

Target Vinyl Records

Target Vinyl Records

Buy: vinyl records from variable target prices

5. Discogs

Suppose you are looking for something very specific. It may be a very specific exclusive that sold out years before you started your collection, a first pressing, whatever. Chances are you can find it on Discogs. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will eventually be there. Discogs is a website dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers from anywhere and everywhere so people can find exactly what they’re looking for. Discogs is also super comprehensive, so you’ll get all the information you could want to know about a disc before you buy it, with no surprises. Most of the records sold on Discogs are used, but you may also find new, rarer LPs.



Buy: Vinyl Records at Discogs Prices Vary

6. Amoeba Music

Much like Rough Trade, Amoeba Music is an in-store and online store offering quality new and used records. With three in-person locations in California and one of the most massive record collections on Earth, Amoeba Music has been bringing people vinyl records since 1990. Find everything from second-hand oldies to good ‘ole Billie Eilish at their expansive collection. Sure, their website may look like it was created the same year their first store opened, but it’s a lot easier to use than it looks.

Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music

Buy: Vinyl Records at Amoeba Music Prices vary


VNYL is one of the most unique ways to grow your vinyl record collection in 2022. But how exactly does it work? Well, unlike all the other places to buy vinyl records online that we’ve included so far, VNYL sends people three records a month that they think buyers might like based on their musical tastes. I reviewed VNYL in 2020 and my experience was pretty cool. All in all, VNYL is something every vinyl record collector should try at least once.



Buy: Vinyl Records by VNYL From $22.00/month

8. The sound of vinyl

The Sound of Vinyl has a stellar collection that anyone can get into. They have a number of classics and new releases for you to check out, from Tupac to PJ Harvey. The Sound of Vinyl has a number of gorgeous vinyl records worth checking out and even allows users to shop by genre, artist, curated collections, and even record color.

The sound of vinyl

The sound of vinyl

Buy: The Sound of Vinyl Vinyl Records Prices vary

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