The Victrola Re-Spin is the retro-looking Bluetooth vinyl player of my dreams


I love cutting edge OLED TVs and overpowered gaming laptops as much as the next person, but the best thing I’ve seen at CES 2022 so far this year is clearly old-fashioned. And I mean really old-school. It’s a modern take on something Thomas Edison came up with in 1877.

I’ve praised the retro look of Victrola’s Bluetooth speakers before, but I think I like one of their other products even more – the Re-Spin is a retro-looking suitcase record player and to today’s technology.

Put the needle on the record

I grew up in the 1970s, the golden age of vinyl. When I was little I had a Fisher-Price music box, a toy version of a suitcase record player, and when I was older, I coveted the Dance-style record players that the parents owned. my friends or my older siblings. My dad’s turntable was technically better, but it didn’t have the style. Or the suitcase.

Victrola’s Re-Spin gives me a huge wave of nostalgia just looking at the photos. They absolutely nailed the design – not much of a surprise considering they’ve been making turntables for over 100 years – but there’s modern technology here too.

There’s a dual speaker cabinet designed to eliminate vibration for skip-free listening, two-way Bluetooth streaming so you can use it as an audio source or as a speaker, and there’s a built-in preamp and speakers. RCA ports to connect it to your Hi-Fi or AV Kit.

I love that. I have no doubt the sound won’t compare to audiophile turntables, and that’s hardly going to move the Technics SL out of our best guide to record players. But then, the Re-spin is not in that price bracket, it’s as affordable as a portable bluetooth speaker and double as a portable speaker. I think the Re-spin is going to be a fun, fab blast from the past.


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