This vinyl player is a gift that will delight any audiophile. And you’ll love this pre-Black Friday sale price


TLDR: The mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth vinyl player combines premium vinyl playback technology with a few innovative twists for a spinning fan that young and old will love.

In 2007, the recording industry only sold around 1 million vinyl albums, mostly to these latest die-hard fans and collectors of the long-registered format. Flash before less than 15 years and things have seriously changed. Reports of vinyl’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, with over 19 million vinyl records sold in the first six months of 2021 alone.

Oh yeah, baby… the vinyl is rejuvenated and coming back in full force. In the age of MP3s and streaming services, it looks like the same technology that has captivated music fans for nearly 100 years can position itself to be with us for another 100.

In that case, it’s time to catch up with the retro / next big thing trend and recruit a quality player like a Mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth vinyl player ($ 211.65 after code SAVE15NOV by TNW Deals).

Of course, today’s turntables aren’t the same as those old record players your parents and grandparents spun. The PT-18K is at the forefront of today’s technology, while refining everything old-fashioned vinyl enthusiasts hated.

Equipped with a full-size metal alloy platter, this drive dramatically reduces vibration and signal disturbance. With a moving magnet cartridge guiding the needle, audiophiles get more precise tracking and cleaner sound for all of their recordings. The adjustable tone arm also features anti-slip counterweights that allow the needle to slide easily over the grooves while preventing distortion.

While these have been features of high-end turntables for years, the PT-18K also features decidedly modern touches, including a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. This allows this player to sync with any bluetooth speaker or headset to enjoy powerful, clean and precise sound without any wires. Of course, older people can still plug in wired speakers or headphones to drink music.

Finally, users can also use the PT-18K to create their own digital music library. The player allows users to spin a vinyl and record it directly to a PC, or format it so that it is also playable on a smartphone or tablet.

At present, you can get the mbeat PT-18K bluetooth vinyl player at its pre-Black Friday price of $ 211.65. That’s after your 15% savings when you use the SAVE15NOV password while making your purchase.

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