Vinyl records are back


THEListeners’ desires for a unique musical experience spawned a “vinyl revival”.

In 2021, 19.2 million vinyls have been sold to date, exceeding sale of CDs. Between 2013 and 2020, vinyl sales increased increase triple. And from 2019 to 2020 only, sales flew by a whopping 46%.

So what makes vinyl records so special? Some argue that the studios are trying to maintain the bond between artists and their fans during the pandemic by unveiling collectibles, including vinyl records.

“In these unprecedented times, it is the continued focus of labels and artists on connecting fans through collectible and bespoke offerings… that convert new generations into vinyl fans and the endless reason for the rise vinyl, ”Billy, executive and vinyl strategist. Field Recount CNBC.

There is also the argument that vinyl just sounds better. Of course, there may be a few seconds of crackling before the record is placed on the platter. But you would always know that they would be followed by the high pitched and passionate lyrics of, say, “Sweet Child O ‘Mine”.

“I think that’s what people like about it: It fits very closely with how humans hear music organically,” said Adam Gonsalves, sound mastering engineer. noted in a 2014 interview.

Most importantly, vinyl offers listeners a nostalgic experience. “There is something romantic about records, something satisfying about opening the album cover, seeing the fantastic artwork and studying the cover notes while listening to the album.” Explain Charlie Randall, CEO of McIntosh Labs, at The Manual.

Vinyl records offer aficionados a physical alternative to digital files. Instead of instantly downloading the latest hits, interested buyers should find old records at their local bookstore. And listeners should put the needle on the record instead of pressing “play.”

With much of our time already spent in virtual space, vinyls are becoming a compelling and grounded alternative.

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